Recap as Watford petrol station queues continue for sixth day

Our live feed has now finished.

  • -There have been long queues at petrol stations again in and around Watford today.
  • -We have been down at the Dome Roundabout this morning and witnessed queues at the Asda, Sainsbury's and Shell garages.
  • -Queuing drivers for these fuel stations have caused delays on the A41 and St Albans Road.
  • -Traffic is busy in other areas of Watford and parts of Three Rivers district where there are petrol stations.
  • -There are reports that fuel stations in the Dome Roundabout area are beginning to run low on particular fuel types.
  • -Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today the fuel situation is 'stabilising'; however the army is now said to be on standby to help drive lorries.


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