A ‘Mickey Mouse’ solution may be the answer to a foul smell that has been plaguing households in Chorleywood Bottom for months.

Three neighbours have slammed Thames Water over the “rotten egg” smell of hydrogen sulphide affecting streets around Capell Way in Chorleywood.

The water company claimed it had initially found no issues, but said a team visiting the area on Wednesday night (September 22) found a blockage contributing to the smell.

Father-of-three Michael Muir said he spoke to Thames Water workers on site and was told a ‘Mickey Mouse’ drain - because it looks like a silhouette of Mickey Mouse - is going to be installed.

Watford Observer: Chorleywood BottomChorleywood Bottom

Mr Muir was told the smell was caused by fat, ghee or slurry being churned up by a four-meter waterfall under a manhole cover.

“Apparently ghee and fat really are rancid”, Mr Muir added.

Mr Muir says he was also ​told by a senior technical specialist with a H2S meter indicating the presence – although not at harmful levels – of hydrogen sulphide.

The 90kg drain could be installed and would be sealed tight – pushing gas down the sewage line to other drains.

He claimed a network engineer was due to map the area last week, but Mr Muir was told the line goes to Becton and the issue could be up to 10 miles up the line.

Watford Observer: Capell Road, Chorleywood BottomCapell Road, Chorleywood Bottom

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “I’ve not been able to confirm what was said between the engineers and the customer during the visit last week.

“However I’ve been told this morning that we will be installing monitors into specific manholes in the area.

“These will monitor the flow in the sewer network and they will be installed for four weeks.

“Once we have received the data from the monitors we will be able to look at the next steps for our investigations and for tackling this issue.”

Mr Muir added: “So for now it’s a Band Aid over the problem.”

“Apparently the smell won’t be as bad because it is the four metre ‘waterfall’ that is churning up the gases under the Quickly Lane, Lower Road, Chorleywood Bottom crossroads manhole cover.

“I’m so pleased that it’s progressing in the right direction but I feel a few twists and turns to come.”