A grandmother has blasted the “health risks” linked to regularly overflowing bins in South Oxhey that attract rats and have glass strewn on the ground.

Heather Pomroy visits her daughter and baby grandson fortnightly and said the waste bins outside Erskine House on Oxhey Drive overflow “nearly every week”.

She claims the problem has plagued the area in recent years with rubbish regularly scattered around the pavement where she walks her grandson.

“It really struck me this time because I had a baby in a buggy,” Ms Pomroy said.

Rubbish captured at the bins near the begning of October

Rubbish captured at the bins near the begning of October

“It put me off from doing it (walking past) because the buggy wheels would have been in all sorts of grunge.

“You wouldn’t want to take a child there really.”

She added bin bags are often torn apart by animals which cause broken glass, rotten food and other waste to spew out onto the pavement.

Ms Pomroy continued: “It’s always been really bad, they’re catering for a lot of people and there’s not enough room in the bins.

“But you also always get people dumping things like sofas and others that they shouldn’t do.”

She said the “health hazard” is concerning for parents or anyone walking past, adding: “I would suggest they either need emptying a lot more, or they need a caretaker to make sure they’re tidy.”

A spokesperson for Three Rivers District Council said: "We have made Thrive Homes aware of these latest concerns and continue to work closely with them in order to resolve the issues, encouraging residents to recycle and dispose of their waste responsibly."