An event organised to discuss key issues affecting the black community in Watford kicked off Black History Month in the town.

The event was organised by Eva Mbriu together with Wananchi Women’s group and was held in West Herts College, Watford on Monday (October 11).

Watford’s MP Dean Russell, Mayor Peter Taylor, County Councillor Nigel Bell, Asif Khan and Councillor Rabi Martin, Waca members and a representative from the Kenyan Embassy, Isaac Wangunyu were all amongst guests who engaged in discussions with members of the local community.

Watford Observer: Black History Month community eventBlack History Month community event

Detective Chief Superintendent Amanda Bell was also present where she took questions from those gathered about stop and search, profiling and concerns about safety for young people in Watford.

Mental Health was also discussed which was led by PCSO Sarah Thomas, who shared her experiences with the group.

Eva Mbriu said: “The event was positively received and it was agreed to hold similar events regularly as a way to continue to have communication with members of the community.”

Watford Observer: Asif Khan, Eva Mbriu and Nigel BellAsif Khan, Eva Mbriu and Nigel Bell