A councillor says she has been "assured" police will step up patrols near a station following a recent stabbing and alleged knifepoint robbery.

On September 30, a teenage boy was stabbed twice in the arm near Bushey station while there was a report on social media that a 16-year-old was robbed of his iPhone at knifepoint on October 5 outside the station.

Oxhey ward councillor Karen Clarke-Taylor says she has been making enquiries with police following the incidents.

She told the Observer: "First and foremost, I would like to extend my best wishes to the people who were affected by these incidents.

"I have been working closely with officers from the British Transport Police and Hertfordshire Constabulary in response to recent incidents at Bushey station. I have requested an additional police presence in the area, particularly during peak school journey times.

"Officers have assured me that measures are being taken to increase police visibility in the area, which I hope will reassure local residents and prevent further incidents."

The suspect involved in the stabbing was described as being a slim white male, wearing a dark jacket. It is believed he left the area on a push bike and headed towards Eastbury Road and Oxhey Park after the attack.

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The teenager robbed of his mobile was said to have been targeted by "muggers". The report on social media stated it happened between 3pm and 4pm on October 5. The Observer has been making enquiries with the British Transport Police regarding this report.

Cllr Clarke-Taylor added: "It is important to remember that incidents of this kind are rare, although it is understandable that people are concerned when they do happen.

"I would encourage anybody who experiences or witnesses criminal activity at the station to report it to station staff and contact the police immediately."