I now have to wonder how much pressure the NHS is under, regarding booster jabs for the most vulnerable persons in our community of which I am one (87 soon).

Two weeks ago I went along to my surgery for a flu jab fully expecting to have a booster vaccination at the same time as many of my neighbours have had but no such luck. Flu jab ok but I was told that “we haven’t received any vaccine as yet”. I was a little bit annoyed but left it at that.

I than rang my surgery again and found that they still had not received any vaccine and it was then suggested that I should call the NHS 119 number in order to book an appointment which I duly did. Having got through and listened to the usual, press button and then press the next until I was finally connected - or so I thought to a person who could help.

Errr, not so. All I was connected to was another machine which kept on saying “we will answer you as soon as possible” until after 12 minutes the phone suddenly went dead. Well it was 11 minutes and 54 seconds or so according to my phone.

What should be my next step?

Roy Clements

Oxhey Hall