Do you recognise this memorial and where it may be located?

Staff at Watford Museum have been trying to identify it without success for some time and are hoping readers may be able to help provide some information about its history and where it can be found.

The main inscription on the memorial reads: “1914-1918 To the Glory of God and in memory of Those Old Boys Who lost their lives in the Great Fight. Faithful unto Death their name liveth for ever more”.

The museum believes the reference to 'old boys' may mean it is in a school building, but they are not certain it is Watford-related either.

If you have any information about the memorial, tell us via the link below.

Do you recognise this memorial?

"Watford Museum is hoping readers may be able to provide some information about the history and location of the memorial. Can you help? Your responses may be published and passed on to the museum."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Clive Gardner

What can you tell us about the memorial pictures?
My suspicion would be that this is, or at least was, located at the Reeds School. You might just be able to see the inscription at the bottom, "Carved and presented by an old boy, Edward WF Pain, 1921". The Imperial War Museum has a record of a lost war monument, maker Edward Pain, in the chapel at Reeds, also unveiled in 1921. While this is listed in their records as a Cross, this could be an error, or perhaps indicative there was more than one memorial. By no means definitive, but a possible lead.