A much-loved headteacher's tales of a toy bear are set to enchant future generations of children thanks to his daughter.

Brian Sears was headteacher at Yorke Mead Primary School, in Croxley Green, and used to captivate children in assemblies and churches in the area with his stories of Timothy Bear.

A popular member of the community for many years, Brian died five years ago, but before he passed away several of his stories were published so other teachers could read his tales to their pupils.

Brian’s daughter, Katherine Taylor, has now published her favourite Timothy Bear story from when she was a child.

Watford Observer:

Illustrated by her friend Kim Gregory, Don’t Touch The Trifle Timothy Bear is now on sale on Amazon.

Katherine, who lived in Croxley Green until she was 18 but now lives in Portsmouth, said: “I posted on Facebook about the book and have received an amazing response from people who remember my dad very fondly. It is lovely to read the comments.

“The reason I published the book is so that my children and future generations can enjoy the stories.”

Watford Observer:

The illustrations are of the ‘real’ Timothy Bear, who many people will remember Brian holding up as he read the stories.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Friends of Yorke Mead and other charities.