Around 100 more coronavirus cases have been recorded in Watford over the latest weekly period compared to the seven days before.

The town has seen the number of daily cases increase recently with as many as 95 cases recorded on November 17.

In the seven days to November 18, there were 468 cases which was up from 355, Public Health England figures show.

Secondary school-aged children continue to record the highest number of cases out of all the age groups, but rates are also relatively high in adults in their 40s.

Despite the rise, there is no particular Covid hotspot in Watford. All 12 of the town's neighbourhoods recorded at least 30 cases between November 13 and 19, with Garston recording the most with 50 followed by 45 in each of North Watford and Woodside & Leavesden Green.

Although there has been a recent jump in cases, Watford's latest infection rate of 473 cases per 100,000 population is comparable with what it was in October and previous months - and there are early signs this week of daily cases falling again.

Watford's mayoral office says cases are mainly being linked to educational and leisure settings.

The Covid infection rate in Three Rivers district is broadly similar to that of Watford, sitting at 478.9.

The area in Three Rivers which recorded the most number of cases between November 13 and 19 was Croxley North & Sarratt with 50 followed by 48 in Leavesden and 46 in Abbots Langley.

Like Watford, children and adults in their 40s in Three Rivers are testing positive for Covid more than any other age group.

In Bushey and Bushey Heath, there were 108 cases recorded between November 13 and 19. The infection rates in Bushey are a little lower than most areas in Watford and Three Rivers.

The highest weekly Covid infection rate in England at the moment is in Torridge in the south west, with a rate of 1,014.3. The lowest is Newham in east London at 215.9.

The district in Hertfordshire with the highest rate is North Hertfordshire at 661.6 (883 cases) while Broxbourne's is the lowest at 361.7.

In Hertfordshire, 74 per cent of the county's over 12 population are fully vaccinated against Covid, with 81.1 per cent receiving a first dose.

Uptake in Watford specifically is lower, with 68.4 per cent of the town's over 12 population receiving two doses so far. It is over 80 per cent in all age groups over 45.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: "This winter, residents are being encouraged to boost their immunity by taking up the offer of the Covid vaccine.

"If you haven’t had the vaccine, it’s not too late you can still take up the offer. We have already seen the positive impact the vaccinations are having in Watford. Having your vaccination reduces your chances of ending up in hospital with the virus by 96 per cent and it has saved so many lives. 

"If you've been vaccinated, please continue to get tested regularly. Everyone is advised to test at least twice a week. You can visit a testing site where you do a self-swab test (with supervision) or use a home testing kit."

As of November 16, there wer 50 Covid patients being cared for by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Since mid-October, the trust has been caring for around 40 to 50 patients everyday. On November 16, nine Covid patients were on ventilation.

In November, 15 patients at the trust who tested positive for Covid have died, including seven between November 18 and 21.

Visit for information about vaccination clinics in Hertfordshire.