The Queen will be visible during council meetings again after concerns were raised that the Monarch’s portraits could not “look over” members after being covered by a projector screen.

Ahead of Hertsmere Borough Council meeting on November 17, councillor Natalie Susman (Conservative, Shenley) asked that the two portraits of Queen Elizabeth II be moved “in order that she may continue to look over us” in the chamber.

The portraits – taken during her Silver and Golden jubilees – had become obstructed by a projector screen which is usually pulled down for most council meetings.

The request was backed by the council leader Morris Bright (Conservative, Elstree), and officers made the change ahead of Wednesday’s meeting.

Watford Observer: The screen blocking pictures of the Queen.The screen blocking pictures of the Queen.

The full question sent to the leader said: “I have noticed when in the chamber with the big screen now down for the duration of most meetings that the portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth are covered up.

“Please can these be relocated a little to the right and left respectively in order that she may continue to look over us?”

Following Cllr Susman’s question, both photographs had been moved to either side of the screen which would give Her Majesty a perfect view of council proceedings.

Following the change, Cllr Susman asked if it would be possible to also add Union Flags to the council chamber as a mark of respect during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year – which was also backed by the council leader.

Watford Observer: The screen has now been moved to allow the Queen to look over the meetings.The screen has now been moved to allow the Queen to look over the meetings.

During Wednesday’s meeting, she said: “Thank you Cllr Bright and thanks to the staff who found the time to move the portraits ahead of this full Council meeting.

“It’s very important that we as councillors do everything we can to uphold, represent and protect our historic national culture.

“With Her Majesty the Queen as our head of state and 2022 being her platinum year, will Cllr Bright join me in supporting the installation of Union Flags either side of the portraits – the flag of this United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

Cllr Bright responded: “I don’t have any problem with that at all, I think it’s a very nice idea to have the Union Flag in public buildings.

“They hang outside county council, and I think we should put them out wherever we should. We’re all proud to be part of the union."

He added: “I’m sure that for the 70th jubilee there will be an official portrait and we’ll find the appropriate place to hang that so it’s not covered up in any way and I will be very happy to support Union Flags in our chamber also.”