The very top of Watford's tallest tower offers impressive views over the town, surrounding villages, and countryside.

The 24-storey building is under construction in Ascot Road in the west of the town as part of a major 486 home development.

American developer Cortland expects the entire scheme, Cortland Cassiobury, to be completed by the beginning of 2023 and recently marked a development milestone after topping out at its highest point.

This week, Cortland invited representatives from the media to take a look around the construction site including a trip right to the summit of the tower; currently Watford's tallest ever building.

Cortland has previously released some images from the roof but the visit on a day with clear blue skies allowed us to experience the views those who rent out the penthouse suite will wake up to every day.

Watford Observer: View over West Watford and Watford town centre View over West Watford and Watford town centre

Standing at the very top, it was easy to spot some of Watford's most well known buildings, such as the YMCA building, atria Watford shopping centre, and the new TJX headquarters all in Watford town centre.

To the west was Watford General Hospital and the Riverwell development and out towards Bushey. On the other side of the town centre, the views stretched on towards North Watford and Garston - the Odhams Clock at the Dome Roundabout stood out as did the two Meriden towers.

Watford Observer: Cassiobury Park towards Kings Langley Cassiobury Park towards Kings Langley

Further to the left offered brilliant views over Cassiobury Park and the green countryside beyond. We could make out the familiar yellow film studios of Warner Bros in Leavesden as well as the M25 viaduct in Kings Langley.

Watford Observer: Out towards Cassiobury Park Out towards Cassiobury Park

Turning anticlockwise, we could see the whole of Croxley Green; perhaps the area in which this scheme caused the most controversy even though it falls out of Watford. The tower certainly has changed the skyline in this area forever.

Watford Observer: Croxley Green view. Credit: Will Dennehy Croxley Green view. Credit: Will Dennehy

We thought we may be able to see Rickmansworth but the town is completely hidden from view by trees.

But as the treeline breaks, above and beyond the Holywell estate offers perhaps the most memorable view of all.

Fortunately it was a clear sunny day and the arch of Wembley Stadium rose into the sky with the City of London providing a backdrop.

Watford Observer: A zoomed-in view of Wembley Stadium A zoomed-in view of Wembley Stadium

The Ascot Road development is exclusively build-to-rent which means all of the properties are available for rent. Of the 486 homes, 119 have been set aside for affordable rent in two blocks.

A block of 52 private apartments are on course to be ready to move into in the spring.