So this is Christmas, as the song goes …

This is the time of year when the children are excited and eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Father Christmas.

They say the pleasure is in the giving, but I do wish the Watford Liberal Democrats would stop gifting us presents in the form of high-rise buildings we don’t want and worst of all, unlike wrong-sized socks, can’t take back.

You have to hand it to venerable Santa. Like us all, he’s not getting any younger and every year he comes to Watford his sleigh groans under the remorseless weight of all those extra presents it has to transport. It must be terrible having to do all those stairs in the increasing number of ‘Taylor’s Towers’ that have been constructed since his last Yuletide visit.

He’d better not put his back out while he’s about his business here because he has not been able to deliver the new hospital adults and children alike have wished for in his grotto over many a year, but to be fair that is the Government’s job really.

We can let Santa off, but not the Prime Minister, who seems to be saying all the rules were followed at a Christmas Party last year in 10 Downing Street, despite the fact it should not have been held at all!

I’ll be joining others in the run up to Christmas, doing my bit at foodbanks, vaccine clinics and distributing gifts to the elderly and the homeless to brighten their day.

May I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Cllr Asif Khan is chairman of Watford Labour Party and Labour candidate for Mayor of Watford