Chefs at a pizza takeaway that scored 1/5 did not wash their hands once during an inspection, a report has revealed.

Farmhouse Pizza in South Oxhey was told “major improvement” was necessary after inspections by the Environmental Health team on October 6, 2021.

It currently retains a 1/5 rating, stating that while the hygienic handling of food was ‘good’, the cleanliness and condition of facilities needed necessary improvement, while the management of food safety needed ‘major improvement’.

Specifically the inspector noted that he did not witness handwashing “the entire time” during the visit and hence warned of cross contamination while preparing high risk raw meats and ready to eat foods.

Watford Observer: Farmhouse Pizza Credit: Street ViewFarmhouse Pizza Credit: Street View

When questioned about cleaning, temperature control, hand washing, cross contamination and allergens, the inspector says he was not convinced the chef understood the measures needed.

Kebab meats were also being held below the correct hot holding temperatures and refrigerator and pizza topping cooling units were found open or at the wrong temperatures.

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The drains for the sinks were found to be blocked and it was “starting to overflow”.

Farmhouse Pizza was told it must provide hand drying materials next to the basins, hands must be washed regularly, and suitable overclothing must be worn.

There was a series of other mandatory improvements listed.

The Environmental Health team, working on behalf of Three Rivers District Council by Watford Borough Council, explained that when businesses score less than 3/5, they actively work with businesses to check their progress.

A spokesperson said: “We never leave business operating in a way that presents a risk to public health and will close them if there are major issues such as a pest infestation or drainage problems.

“Businesses retain the rating they are awarded at the time of the inspection until they complete the required work and formally request a rescore.”