It was found that a pub required “urgent improvement” after scoring 0/5 in a recent food standards inspection.

The Oaks at Old Uxbridge Road, Rickmansworth, was inspected by the Environmental Health team on October 28, 2021, when it was given the lowest rating possible.

There were nearly 40 issues addressed in the report seen by the Watford Observer, after the both the hygienic food handling and management of food safety required “major improvement” while the cleanliness and condition of facilities required “necessary” improvement.

It was noted that the chef was not aware that himself or staff should not return until 48 hours after being free of diarrhoea or vomiting symptoms.

Watford Observer: The Oaks, Rickmansworth Credit: Street ViewThe Oaks, Rickmansworth Credit: Street View

The inspector also noted that there were several other instances where the chef was unaware of routine food standards or cleaning procedures, with the inspector saying there was “no confidence” in the food safety management.

After the chef washed his hands, he used clean hands to turn off the dirty tap, noted the inspector.

Raw meat and vegetables were being prepared on the same surface used for foods that were ready to eat.

Likewise, utensils used for raw food and ready to eat food were not separated.


As part of the lengthy list of required changes needed at the pub, it was noted that the wash hand basin should be repaired so that wastewater no longer leaks over the floor and foodstuff under the waste pipe.

The Environmental Health team, working on behalf of Three Rivers District Council by Watford Borough Council, explained that when businesses score less than 3/5, they actively work with businesses to check their progress.

A spokesperson said: “We never leave business operating in a way that presents a risk to public health and will close them if there are major issues such as a pest infestation or drainage problems.

“Businesses retain the rating they are awarded at the time of the inspection until they complete the required work and formally request a rescore.”