Anti-vaxxers demanded that Watford’s chief inspector shuts down vaccination centres – claiming if police don’t, then they will “be arrested”.

A video was recorded outside Watford Police Station, showing chief inspector Ian Grout being addressed with so-called “evidence” about the alleged dangers of vaccines.

Ch Insp Grout was told in a conversation by common law constables that the vaccinations rollout is a “national emergency” – while they handed over a 120-page document and leaflets about their research that claims Covid vaccinations are dangerous and illegal.

One of the common law constables was heard saying: “We are demanding for today that all the vaccination centres to be closed with immediate effect because the evidence is overwhelming.

“If you guys don’t do those arrests against the vaccination centres, then we will.”


The video was recorded outside Watford Police Station Credit: Street View

The video was recorded outside Watford Police Station Credit: Street View


He added: “There’s millions of us and we will uphold our sovereignty, and if you guys don’t uphold the sovereignty, then you guys will be liable against crimes against humanity.”

The action was part of a national movement, as other people with similar views are addressing police in their local communities.

The anti-vaxxers said the “evidence is overwhelming”, claiming that “it has killed more people in 20 years than any vaccine has” and “so many people are dying”.


Ian Grout was presented with evidence claiming the alleged dangers of vaccinations Credit: Bitchute

Ian Grout was presented with "evidence" claiming the alleged dangers of vaccinations Credit: Bitchute


Ch Insp Grout, who listened to the anti-vaxxers state their case for over seven minutes, responded that “everyone has their views” and accepted that he would look into the so-called evidence presented.

However, he responded: “If that is your ultimate intention, to close the vaccination centres, then it’s far bigger than my influence”.

The anti-vaxxers, who were appreciative with Ch Insp Grout hearing out their views, responded: “If you guys don’t (close vaccination centres and issue arrests), you guys are gonna be arrested, 100 per cent”.

Amid the rise of omicron cases in the beginning of January, Hertfordshire’s director of public health, Jim McManus, previously said: “The vaccines do still seem to be working to prevent people needing intensive care and mechanical ventilation treatment, but the Omicron variant is still very serious for some people, even if mild for other.”

“With such a high number of cases, it’s more important than ever that people get their vaccinations and booster jabs as soon as possible to help us minimise the impact of this wave of cases.”