An anti-vaxxer has said it is time to go “back to the drawing board” after she attempted to hand a “legal notice of liability” at a Watford vaccination centre.

Lisa Waters, who has publicly shared videos in the past voicing her opinions against Covid, lockdowns and vaccines, captured a video as she attempted to hand in her notice to staff working at the vaccine site in Watford Town Hall.

She said there was a “team of police officers immediately waiting” when she arrived as she requested to peacefully hand in the documents to staff in charge.

Talking to a group of officers, she was heard saying “I’m not here to cause any trouble” and “I don’t want to be seen as obstructive”.

However for nearly 16 minutes, she was talking to police outside the centre requesting for someone “responsible” for the site to hand in their name as she hands in the documents.

Talking to police, she said: “You have a legal duty, a lawful duty to act and assist in this criminal investigation.”

Watford Observer: Lisa Waters confronted police outside the vaccine site Credit: TwitterLisa Waters confronted police outside the vaccine site Credit: Twitter

“You swore an oath to protect people from harm, you are in attendance, so you could lawfully assist me in this action to seize evidence.

“Obviously you’re not going to help me in that capacity, I do not feel.”

Instead she said she has “due rights” to have the name of someone responsible for the vaccine centre.

An officer responded: “I can’t force anyone to give you their name.”

She later stated: “It is your duty to assist me to service this notice,” with an officer responding “It’s not our duty I’m afraid.”

Watford Observer: There was a group of officers outside the site. Credit: TwitterThere was a group of officers outside the site. Credit: Twitter

Ms Waters referenced that Hertfordshire Constabulary were approached by other anti-vax members with their so-called evidence allegedly showing the dangers of vaccines.

She also quoted a Met Police crime reference number which those against vaccinations are using as 'proof' that there is a criminal investigation, but a Met Police spokesperson has confirmed "there is nothing to indicate that a crime has been committed and no criminal investigation has been launched".

In a video after the confrontation, she said that officers were “unwilling to assist in any shape or form”.

She concluded: “I think we’re going to have to go back to the drawing board”.

This week, Ms Waters also went to the Asda store in Watford - which runs a vaccination clinic - to hand out a notice, saying that she reported the store to police.

Meanwhile, anti-vaxxers elsewhere in the UK have attempted to follow-up with their threats to “arrest” police who are unwilling to help with their movement.

A group recorded themselves outside a vaccine centre not in Watford which they attempted to shut.

When police refused to shut the site, the group said that officers are “committing an offence” and told another officer present “in that case, we’re going to have to ask you to arrest this man (pointing to the leading officer)”.

The other officer said “absolutely not”.