Mummified cats, jarred organs and tomb walls came to Bushey this week as an exhibition about life and death in ancient Egypt opened at the museum.

The collection contains watercolours painted by local artist and Egyptologist Myrtle Broome between 1929 and 1935, mummification and hieroglyphics activities and ancient artefacts including jewellery, figurines and pottery.

Miss Broome (1887-1978), lived in Grange Road, Bushey, from 1907.

She painted the walls of the temple of King Sethos 1 in Abydos, Egypt and her paintings are still in print and in use by egyptologists.

Bryen Wood, director of the Museum, said: "She sat in the temple drawing and creating an exact copy without any of the problems associated with lighting and photography. The detail of her work is astonishing."

The collection, in Rudolph Road, Bushey, is open for school groups and the general public from Thursday to Sunday until March. For more information telephone 0208 420 4057. Admission is free.