This picture is showing signs of its age but it captures a relaxed scene as workers at one of Watford's best known companies are treated to an outdoor concert.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with Watford Museum and is delighted to showcase some pictures from its archive – this week we look back to a concert at Odhams.

The museum's volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: "Odhams Press, part of whose works are now occupied by Asda, was a big employer in the area. This well-worn photograph is rather special. It shows a social activity held at the company, not many years after their arrival in North Watford in the mid-1930s. Activities such as this concert must have been an important part of staff welfare.

Watford Observer:

Odhams Press in 1946. The A41 runs left to right in the centre of the image. The railway line to St Albans is on the right

"No date is known for this musical event but the band and some of the people in the group are in military uniform. In addition to the ‘pavilion’ and recreation area, there were tennis courts and a bowling green. All of these areas ran along the length of the factory, between the building and an embankment which can be seen in the background. This embankment is the A41 and, at the time of this photo, the trees were quite small."

Watford Observer:

A 1939 map of the printworks

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Community answers

When a band played at Odhams

"This picture from the Watford Museum archive shows a concert for staff at Odhams. Do you know when it was taken? Perhaps you recognise someone in the photo? We'd love to find out more about it so please provide more detail if you can. Your response may be used online and/or in print."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

From Rodney Salter

What can you tell us about this Odhams concert picture?Almost certainly taken during WW II. 'Dads Army' standing in front of the canteen building, right of centre, and another uniform, possibly regular army, in the background.