Until recently I paid £99 each month to EDF for gas and electricity. This was increased to £134 and is now £235. How can people afford to pay this - and why should they when the energy companies are making bumper profits? BP for example, has just announced quarterly profits of £4.95 billion, its highest for 14 years.

I don’t understand why the Government is so reluctant to impose a windfall tax in order to help people pay their bills unless it’s just part of their “we’re a low tax party” philosophy.

If there was ever a time to act pragmatically it’s now because most of us have to face a cost of living crisis which is only going to get worse unless action is taken now.

Each of us should be emailing our MP demanding that he support measures to both reduce energy bills and tax more effectively the outrageous profits being made by the energy companies.

Philip Parry

SW Herts Labour Party