A mother and daughter have been left terrified, scared, and panicked after someone tried to enter their home late one evening.

Police were contacted on Thursday, May 5, at 10.30pm when Lana Oxley heard her back door open where she lives on Rushton Avenue, Watford.

Ms Oxley said: “It was very scary. It felt terrifying knowing that someone just opened your back door. Anything could have happened with me and my daughter in the home.”

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At the time, Ms Oxley, 38, was sitting on the sofa, while her 13-year-old daughter was upstairs.

She continued: “My daughter is terrified too. She said she gets nervous now out walking or if I’m at the shop. She sometimes uses the back door, so she now gets a bit scared walking around there.”

Since the incident, Ms Oxley ensures that the back door is always locked, unlike before. However, the mother of one is still living with the after effects.

She said: “Sometimes I hear noises outside and I just start panicking that it could happen again.”

Ms Oxley did not see anyone when she went to inspect the noise and saw the door open. She thinks there is a chance that the person was alarmed when they realised someone was in the house.

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She said: “I had the kitchen light off, but I had a lamp on in the front room. I don’t know if someone had a look when they opened the door, and saw me sitting on the sofa or saw my feet. My front room and my kitchen are very close together.”

According to Ms Oxley, the police said they will investigate the incident, and check CCTV to see if anything similar has happened in the area.

She said: “The police said if I hear any more noises or see anyone, I’m to call them.”

A Herts Police spokesperson confirmed a call was made to them regarding the suspicious incident.

The police added: “It was alleged that someone had opened the back door of the property, though no attempt to enter appeared to have been made. No damage was caused, and nothing was taken.”

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