There was a huge emergency presence this afternoon as police helicopters and paramedics were spotted.

Emergency vehicles were parked up near the World of Water site by Hunton Bridge roundabout from around lunchtime until the early afternoon today.

UPDATE: Police have now confirmed a woman died in this incident - more details here

Watford Observer: Emergency services were at Hunton BridgeEmergency services were at Hunton Bridge

Hertfordshire Constabulary has yet to confirm what this response was for, but it is believed at least eight police cars, a police helicopter, four fire engines as well as ambulances and an incident response unit were present.

Watford Observer: It is unclear what the search was for at this timeIt is unclear what the search was for at this time

It is understood that the helicopter was at the scene until around 1.45pm.

Police were also seen searching for something near the River Gade in Bridge Road, Hunton Bridge.

Watford Observer: Police in Bridge RoadPolice in Bridge Road

While specifics on the search are unclear, the Watford Observer understands that the searches conducted were related to the river.

It appears the search has since stood down and we expect further information to come from police by tomorrow.