BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark says Watford will lose an “iconic” venue if Pryzm nightclub is turned into homes.

The Watford-born radio personality, who performed his first gig at the club when it was called Destiny, said it has been a “focal point for generations”.

The owners of Pryzm’s building in The Parade submitted plans to Watford Borough Council in April to build 147 homes.

If the application is successful, it would result in the closure of Pryzm, the Steinbeck & Shaw bar, laser tag venue Laser Planet, and Iceland supermarket.

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Watford Observer: CGI of how Pryzm could be redeveloped. Credit: Dwyer Asset ManagementCGI of how Pryzm could be redeveloped. Credit: Dwyer Asset Management

Stark told the Observer: “The nightclub has always been a major part of Watford and it is a shame to hear that it is under threat.

“I did my first ever DJ set when it was known as Destiny. I remember standing in that booth and I knew there and then that is what I wanted to do. This club inspired me and the building means a lot to me.

“It is a venue that has been a focal point for generations. My in-laws met in that club and there will be so many amazing stories about people who have met there or had happy memories with friends who might not be around anymore.”

Watford Observer: Pryzm nightclub in Watford town centre. Credit: Holly CantPryzm nightclub in Watford town centre. Credit: Holly Cant

Stark is also concerned about how closing Pryzm could affect Watford long-term.

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Stark said: “If Pryzm goes, I think you’re taking something iconic away from Watford and it could have a knock-on effect on Watford’s nightlife, economy and people’s jobs long-term. If you start chipping away at the nightlife, you’re not allowing it the opportunity to continue to grow.

“We should be protecting music venues. I understand that homes need to be built but I would really like to keep the nightclub there so we need to look at how the housing issue can be resolved.”

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Watford Observer: Pryzm nightclub. Credit: Stephen DanzigPryzm nightclub. Credit: Stephen Danzig

Around 350 public comments have been made about the application in the council planning portal. The majority are from people objecting to the application, which is due to be determined this summer.

The plans can be viewed on the council planning portal by clicking here or by searching reference 22/00506/FULM.