Watford market will open on a Sunday for what may be the first time - certainly the first in recent memory.

We all know Watford is a historic market town but the current offering is not as popular as it could be because of its location.

The market could quite easily have been lost altogether a couple of years ago but it was saved.

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It might be tucked away off High Street but there are some hidden gems, with traders offering a range of food and produce that you could well struggle to find anywhere else in the area.

By opening on a Sunday, it will appeal to the many customers who may only pop into town over the weekend due to being at work during the week.

Increasing opening hours and a special events such as ‘Market Lates’ and one-off (for now) speciality-themed markets might appeal to shoppers with different needs to those of 10 or 20 years ago.

Whether it will ever have the same charm as a street market such as that of St Albans remains to be seen, but a functioning and appealing market will only benefit Watford’s economy. Any events or promotions that boost footfall can only be positive for the town.