CCTV could be installed in a park after it was targeted by teenage vandals again.

A member of the public stepped in to confiscate a hammer that was about to be used to “smash up” gym equipment at Garston Park.

It happened on Saturday evening (May 14) and came just months after an arson attack caused around £40,000 worth of damage to a pirate ship that had recently been installed.

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Watford Observer: The arson attack in Garston Park which destroyed a pirate ship in October 2021. Credit: Cllr Steve CavinderThe arson attack in Garston Park which destroyed a pirate ship in October 2021. Credit: Cllr Steve Cavinder

Police confirmed it received a report at 9.10pm on Saturday of two teenage boys, said to be armed with a hammer, targeting the gym at the park.

Fortunately, a dogwalker approached them and took the hammer off them before any significant damage could be caused.

Officers later attended the park but no suspects were found.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor has described those who set out to destroy local facilities as “senseless”. He also said Watford Borough Council is looking at putting cameras in.

He said: “Back in 2020, local councillors and residents in Garston worked really hard to make the improvements to the park a reality, so people could enjoy modern, accessible new facilities.

“Whilst on this occasion the damage was not significant, in order to protect what this award-winning park has to offer, the use of CCTV is under review, especially following the arson attack last year. We support a network of hundreds of CCTV cameras across the borough and are improving this by introducing mobile CCTV cameras too.

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“The cost of any damage like this to local facilities, is money that which could be better spent elsewhere in the community.

“Also, sadly, when there is major damage, it’s the children and users of the park who feel the impact of these senseless, selfish acts, because it makes the equipment unsafe and takes time to repair.”

When the arson attack happened on October 23 last year, it was condemned by local councillors.

Councillors Jenny Pattinson, Amanda Grimston, Steve Cavinder and Peter Hannon said: “To see it burnt to the ground by vandals is just so sad. We will work with the emergency services to ensure those responsible are held to account and we will support the council to rebuild and make the park safe as quickly as possible."

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