A swimming pool ranks alongside classic clubs and pubs among the most missed places Watford has lost since the 1990s.

We asked our readers what they missed from the decade of John Major and New Labour, grunge, Britpop, Four Weddings and Trainspotting.

Swimming pool and splash park Watford Springs, off the Ring Road, brought back fond family memories, while the club nights sound a little wilder.

Joanne Rodwell said: "Watford Springs every Thursday for ladies’ night in the spa and the joy of diving into the big pool. Loved it. I was gutted when they pulled it down.”

Nick Sheehan said: “Baileys!! How good was Baileys? Chicken and chips in a plastic basket, top entertainers of the time.

“A few pints, a dance in the nightclub within a nightclub and then back out into the main dance floor when the stage had been rolled back.”

Nick’s comment opened some debate around the changing name of the club.

Some insisted it was called Juliet's Disco, others Josephine's. Nick said "We still called it Baileys no matter what it was called."

Watford Observer:

The market and High Street are among places readers feel don’t quite live up to their quality in the 1990s.

Even The Watford Observer, and the football club received a few (we hope) loving jibes in this regard.

Many pointed to the wider variety of shops. BHS, Woolworths, and John Lewis appear particularly missed.

Carolyn Storey said: “I miss playing the CDs on headphones in Virgin Megastore, Watford Springs, Borders, and visiting the old market.”

Getting out for sport and staying active was mentioned a number of times. Hannah Ruth Attwood has fond memories of sport in Watford, she said: “Playing football in a court all hours of the day, all year."

Finally, safety is also sadly a concern, with many readers lamenting that the town was much safer in the 1990s for people and their property.