Did you recognise where in Watford was shown in this picture?

For this week's picture from the Watford Museum archive, we yesterday challenged readers to identify the road or any of the buildings in the cropped photo below that was taken 60 years ago shortly before the infrastructure of the town was to change forever.

Watford Observer:

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The museum's volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: "This scene shows what must have been a typical queue of traffic coming into Watford along Hempstead Road; this is Thursday, May 17, 1962. It was just three days before the fledgling ring road was opened in the centre of town but around ten years before construction of the Town Hall roundabout and underpass.

"The library, far right, has its second storey wings extensions almost completed and retains its perimeter wall. The building across the road is the Horns pub.

Watford Observer:

The scene looks very different today following the pedestrianisation in the precinct of the library. Picture: Google Street View

"The houses beyond the library would eventually be demolished to create a car park and the whole area pedestrianised in the layout we have today. The Peace Memorial statues are yet to be moved too."