A couple found rats under their parked car in broad daylight as part of an “infestation” in Watford town centre.

Glenn Lovegrove and his wife had parked behind the Moon Under Water pub in Wellstones in May when they saw the rodents scurrying out from under their car.

But it was when software engineer Mr Lovegrove returned on June 2 and saw rats again that he decided to investigate.

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Mr Lovegrove, 53, said: “When I went back, I went to take a video of it to show my wife but there were so many more than I thought.

“They were feeding off whatever was around there, and you could really smell it.

“It needs to be dealt with, so I thought someone needs to be made aware of this.

“There were such a number that it was shocking they hadn’t been dealt with before as it has been weeks since we first saw them.”

Watford Observer:

Rats in Watford town centre

Mr Lovegrove, who lives in Hampermill Lane, says he understood that there are often rats in busy areas at night, but was shocked to see as many as he did.

He added: “I was shocked that I was seeing them in broad daylight and the number had so obviously gone up so much over a long while.

“It’s a bit of a hazard really, there’s so many of them running around, you wouldn’t imagine that amount of activity even at night.”

After the Watford Observer brought the matter to Watford Borough Council's attention, a spokesperson said it would investigate the site.

The council said it was not previously aware of the issue but a case has been raised with environmental health officers.