Students from West Herts College made a visit to see how their artwork had transformed a subway into an art gallery.

The underpass in St Albans Road in Watford has seen 24 frames fitted to the walls displaying creative paintings, drawings, and photographs by the students.

The artwork features a wide range of images, many of which relate to air quality and how to reduce pollution. The visit to the subway coincided with Clean Air Day on June 16.

This latest project is one of a number in subways in Watford that have been spruced up with artwork by students and refurbished by Hertfordshire County Council.

Watford Observer:

Brett Clarke, head of art and design at West Herts College, said: “We are incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to work on this community project.

“Not only has it been an enriching experience for our students to share the creative work they produce to a wider audience, it has given them an insight into the importance of community projects and the role artists can play in the regeneration process.”

Watford Observer: Roxy with Cllr Annie Brewster and Cllr Mark HofmanRoxy with Cllr Annie Brewster and Cllr Mark Hofman

Photography student Roxy Bennett, 19, said of her street art: “For that piece I was trying something new. I had typically always done portrait but on that day, I decided to try street. 

“When I took the shot, I was walking through my local park and spotted cricketers in the distance, they were framed really nicely by the tree above me so I took the shot and that’s the one that won the competition.” 

Watford Observer:

Cllr Hofman added: "“Over the last year we have worked hard with the county council to fully refurbish the Essex Road and Church Road subways to bring them back up to the standard our residents expect from their public spaces.

“The feedback from residents has been fantastic, we hope to work on more of these types of transformation projects in the future and bring other subways such as The Avenue up to a similar standard for residents young and old to enjoy their walks through them.”