Vandals targeted a subway undergoing a makeover by letting off a fire extinguisher.

The Cow Lane subway in Garston was left covered in foam earlier this week.

It comes after graffiti, including what appeared to be a swastika, was daubed in the same subway earlier this year.

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Watford Observer: Damage caused after a fire extinguisher was let off. Credit: Dee SolankiDamage caused after a fire extinguisher was let off. Credit: Dee Solanki

After the latest vandalism, Meriden county councillor Steve Cavinder said: “I’m really angry to see this and I’m sorry that regular users, particularly parents taking their children to school, have had to endure this.

“What is it that makes some people think it’s acceptable to do something like this? The next phase of the refurbishment project is due to start imminently and I can’t deny I’m worried about the outcome if this type of behaviour continues.

“If anyone know who the perpetrators of this are then please report it to the police.”

Watford Observer: Credit: Dee SolankiCredit: Dee Solanki

Cllr Cavinder later said he would not let the vandals win and said two street artists will be visiting soon to complete the makeover. The theme will be ‘Greener, Healthier, Cleaner’.