Watford is set to get a mini heatwave this weekend (July 8-10) as temperatures soar to the high 20s according to the Met Office. 

With temperatures predicted to reach 25C, it's officially time to get out your sunnies and suncream and enjoy the summer sun. 

And even better, there is very little chance of rain across the week. A Met Office spokesperson said: "Increasingly dry and bright through Thursday and Friday with long periods of warm sunshine in light winds."

That means there's no need to worry about taking your umbrella along with you whilst you enjoy the heat, but it is recommended to keep a hat handy to avoid sunburn. 

So before you head out this week, take a look at the weather forecast according to the Met Office. 

Met Office's Watford weather forecast:

Starting on Friday (July 8) you can expect a long day of hot temperatures as the degrees reach 24C across the region. 

Though the sun won't be too bright in the sky, the day is set to be cloudy meaning you won't have to worry too much about sunburn. 

Saturday will be equally as warm also at 24C, though there will be a slight cool breeze to cool you down and it will be partly cloudy. 

Sunday is set to be Watford's hottest day with 25C being the overall average for the day. 

Plus according to the Met Office, the skies will be cloud-free with the bright shining sun in the sky all day long.

But if you do suffer from Hayfever you will need to be prepared as all week pollen levels are set to be very high. 

See the full Met Office forecast now.