The AA sign pictured at the top of this page once directed people in the direction of a club in Watford – and Watford Museum is hoping readers can provide more information about it.

The museum was contacted by a gentleman named Norman Wells asking if it had any pictures or further information regarding the American Red Cross Service Club during the Second World War.

The AA sign was located outside Watford Junction, suggesting the club was close to the station.

Mr Wells said: “My mother, Susan Armstrong (later Wells), came to Watford from Northern Ireland in 1943, along with her mother Elizabeth and younger sister Eileen. They were boarding in De Vere Road at war's end before moving to Malden Road.

Watford Observer:

“Susan's evening voluntary work at the ARC Club included making sandwiches – at which she became very skilled. Among the benefits of her job were free catering-size tins of sliced peaches, and tubs of ice cream, which she took home for her mother – real treats when wartime Britain was rationed.”

If you have any pictures or information regarding the service club which you are happy to be shared with the museum and potentially published, email Anthony Matthews at