A club for American serviceman during the Second World War may have been located at a church in Watford.

The Watford Observer asked for information about the American Red Cross Service Club after Watford Museum received an enquiry from a man whose mother was a volunteer at the club.

Norman Wells also submitted a picture of an AA sign located outside Watford Junction, pointing the way to the club.

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Following last week’s appeal, reader Helen George got in touch with the following information and suggested the club may have been situated at Beechen Grove Baptist Church.

She said: “In 1942, as American GIs were starting to arrive in the UK, it was decided that American servicemen should have their own bases, including for spending their free time. It was agreed that the American Red Cross would organise and operate clubs in converted premises for servicemen on leave or in transit.

“All of the clubs which were eventually set up by the American Red Cross had recreation rooms, an information bureau, and a restaurant where a three-course meal with coffee could be purchased.

“Some of the clubs were large-scale for overnight stays - the most famous of these were in London, such as Rainbow Corner in Piccadilly and the Washington off Park Lane.

“However, other clubs were just off-base hostelries where men on a short leave pass could stop off in a local town. It appears that the Watford club may have been one of these types.

“The International Red Cross appear to have had a long-term presence at Beechen Grove Baptist Church in Watford. Perhaps this was where the Watford club was located? Maybe the sign was pointing in that direction.”

If you have any pictures or information regarding the service club which you are happy to be shared with the museum and potentially published, email Anthony Matthews at amatthews@london.newsquest.co.uk