The Watford Observer is again delighted to be teaming up with its friends at Watford Museum to take another journey back to the past to recall the key events and dates that helped shape the town’s future.

Part 48 of '50 events and dates that shaped Watford' recalls an event that created quite a stir in the town when it happened.

The museum's volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: "In the early 1900s Frederick Downer, one of Watford's local photographers, took great interest in recording events in the locality.

"This commemorative postcard is of one of the aeronautical 'firsts' over Watford which was of the 1910 prize-winning first flight of an aeroplane, from London to Manchester, within 24 hours. The flight was on April 27, 1910 and the winner was Louis Paulhan. This was quite a feat as the first ever flight anywhere in the world was in 1903 and lasted just over ten seconds.

Watford Observer:

Downer's picture of Mr Willows' airship

"Other Watford firsts recorded by Downer included the Mr Willows' airship, the 'City of Cardiff'. and its first flight over the town in March 5, 1911."

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