A woman fears for her disabled mother’s safety if a leak, which has been left for months, is not fixed.

Water leaking from the wall of a nearby building has been building up on the footpath Carole Bird, 60, uses to get to her home in Hornhill Road, Maple Cross.

Her daughter, Sarah Williams, worries that the slippery surface will only become worse, and more hazardous to her mother who has terminal cancer and walks with crutches.

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The 36-year-old said: “It’s a hazard, especially when it gets to winter its going to become an ice-skating rink.

“It has been trickling in since last year and become much worse in the last few months and it’s the only bit of path for my mum to walk on.

Watford Observer: The leak in Hornhill RoadThe leak in Hornhill Road

“It looks like a little waterfall flow coming out which runs down the road.

“If it is left too long then its going to become even more slippery and it will eventually become hazardous to the people who walk or live there.

“It’s not just my mother, quite a few elderly people use it.”

Watford Observer: The leak spreading down the roadThe leak spreading down the road

Sarah added that her mother spoke to Affinity Water in April of this year when it started getting worse, and she was told the company was investigating the issue.

Sarah added: “Nothing is being done about it, we’ve had Affinity Water, Three Rivers District Council and others come and look at it, yet nothing has been done.

Watford Observer: The leak in Hornhill RoadThe leak in Hornhill Road

“I think its just going to become a continuous thing unless something can change.”

Affinity Water has said that it is not on the Affinity Water network but instead a customer supply pipe leak, which are the owner's or landlord’s responsibility to repair.

Watford Observer: The leak across the footpathThe leak across the footpath

The company added that its customer side leakage team have been in contact with the owners to provide advice on how the pipe can be fixed.

A similar problem at another house, in Watford last month, required a trench to be dug in a back garden to prevent it causing damage to the property.

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