Updated 12.30pm

Watford Borough Council's election results were announced this morning just after 11.30am.

For the Central Ward, Rabi Martins from the Liberal Democrats was re-elected with 620 votes.

Liberal Democrat Jan Brown was also re-elected for the Meriden seat with 717 votes.

Councillor Ian Brown, a Liberal Democrat, held his Woodside seat with 780 votes and Councillor Ken Brodhurst, of the Green Party, was re-elected for the Callowland Ward with 729 votes.

New councillor, Fawziyyah Qureshi from the Liberal Democrats, was elected for Leggatts Ward with 634 votes after Councillor Mahmood stood down.

Liberal Democrat Tony Poole was re-elected for the Oxhey Ward with 1,070 votes and Hugh O'Hanlon of the Liberal Democrat Party, held his Tudor seat with 847 votes. He triumphed over Conservative candidate Richard Southern by 152 votes.

Labour Party candidate, Mohammed Taj, was elected for Vicarage Ward. He collected 911 votes after Councillor Mohammed Ajab stood down. Abrar Shah, a Liberal Democrat, received 791 votes.

With only 18 votes between Liberal Democrat Emma Hines-Randall, who collected 754 votes and Labour Party candidate, Fred Grindrod, who collected 736 votes, a recount was called for the Holywell seat and Labour was defeated.

Liberal Democrat George Derbyshire was re-elected for Park Ward with 1,366 votes. Malcolm Meerabux, the Conservative Party candidate, came in second with 1,076 votes.

Conservative party candidate, Andrew Mortimer, held his Nascot seat after collecting 1,080 votes. After a recount, it was confirmed that he had defeated Liberal Democrat candidate Russell Willson, who collected 971 votes.

Andrew Wylie, of the Liberal Democrat Party, held his Stanborough seat after collecting 917 votes.