The British National Party (BNP) has won one seat and narrowly missed out on winning another in Three Rivers District Council.

The far right party won the Ashridge seat, with BNP candidate Padraic Dunn receiving 282 votes.

His nearest challenger was Conservative Yessica Gould with 264 votes. Labour party candidate, Nena Spellen, received 244 votes.

Kerron Cross, Labour Party group leader fended off BNP candidate, Deidre Gates, by just 14 votes to retain his Hayling Ward seat. He collected 234 votes.

The Northwick Ward seat was won by two votes. Conservative Party candidate, Malcolm Butwick collected 284 votes.

Len Tippen from the Labour Party collected 282 votes.

The BNP won the Ashridge seat with the victory of Padraic Dunne, who received 282 votes. His nearest challenger was Conservative Yessica Gould with 264 votes.

Labour party candidate, Nena Spellen, received 244 votes.

The Mill End and Maplecross seat was held by Liberal Democrat Councillor Peter Wakeling with 774 votes.

Two seats were up in Rickmansworth, the first was held by Conservative Party group leader, David Sampson with 879 votes.

The Chorleywood East seat was held by Conservative Chris Hayward with 1015 votes and the Carpenders Park seat was held by the Liberal Democrat Party when Geoff Dunne was re-elected with 985 votes.

Croxley Green's Liberal Democrat Brian Norman held his seat with 833 votes.


Abbots Langley

MAJOR David Liberal Democrat 904 ELECTED
MEHTA Jeannie Henderson Labour 99
WOODARD Andy Conservative 387
Turnout 37.58 per cent


DUNNE Padraic British National Party 282 ELECTED
GOULD Yessica Conservative 264
SHANKS Andrew Jonathan UK Independence Party 44
SPELLEN Nena Labour 244
Turnout 32.08 per cent

Carpenders Park

DUNNE Geoff Liberal Democrat 985 ELECTED
LEWELL Craig Conservative 663
O'BRIEN Brendan Labour 99
Turnout 44.16 per cent

Chorleywood East

HAYWARD Chris Conservative 1015 ELECTED
MAHON-DALY Frank Liberal Democrat 228
Turnout 37.90 per cent

Chorleywood West

ARTHY Bob Conservative 1059
DAVIES Harry Liberal Democrat 1238 ELECTED
MCINTOSH Karen Ruth Labour 62
Turnout 55.99 per cent

Croxley Green

ENGLEFIELD Mark Conservative 647
HOLMES Roger Warwick English Democrats 152
NORMAN Brian Richard Liberal Democrat 833 ELECTED
Turnout 38.61 per cent


CROSS Kerron James Labour & Co-operative 234 ELECTED
EVANS Richard Martin UK Independence Party 30
GATES Deirdre Anne British National Party 220
LOWES David John Liberal Democrat 55
WORRALL Jacqueline Conservative 186
Turnout 28.64 per cent


COX Stephen Labour 119
LAMBERT Margaret Catherine Conservative 257
WHATELY-SMITH Chris Liberal Democrat 802 ELECTED
Turnout 32.93 per cent


BARTRICK Sue Liberal Democrat 807 ELECTED
GRAY Colin James Labour 72
HAWES Christopher Conservative 242
Turnout 27.90 per cent

Maple Cross & Mill End

MCGOWAN James Alexander Robert Conservative 466
WAKELING Peter Liberal Democrat 774 ELECTED
Turnout 30.97 per cent

Moor Park & Eastbury

AITMAN Gabriel Liberal Democrat 368
MEDIRATTA Amrit Conservative 1206 ELECTED
Turnout 35.90 per cent


ASQUITH Jeremy Liberal Democrat 276
BUTWICK Malcolm Conservative 284 ELECTED
TIPPEN Len Labour 282
Turnout 23.91 per cent

Oxhey Hall

BECKETT Leslie Labour 55
SCARTH Alison Liberal Democrat 593 ELECTED
WILLIAMS David Conservative 328
Turnout 38.29 per cent


GREEN Maximin Ernest Conservative 310
NELMES Sarah Jane Liberal Democrat 441 ELECTED
Turnout 30.16 per cent


HISCOCKS Paula Elizabeth Conservative 957 ELECTED
HUMPHREYS Anthony Richard Liberal Democrat 310
SANSOM David Norman Roger Conservative 879 ELECTED
SWAINSON Jill Marguerite Liberal Democrat 292 Turnout 37.83 per cent

Rickmansworth West

HOWELL Patricia Liberal Democrat 386
SMITH Russell Owen Conservative 885 ELECTED
Turnout 46.05 per cent