A driver has been detained after a car covered in graffiti reportedly failed to stop for police before being found in Watford.

The vehicle, branded an “absolute shed” by BCH Road Policing Unit on social media, was seen by officers in Northway, Rickmansworth, this weekend.

They posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday morning: “PG9 prohibition placed on this absolute shed after it failed to stop for officers in Watford this morning.

“Thankfully the driver has been detained without incident.”

Although the road policing unit initially said the car failed to stop in Watford, a Herts Police spokesperson later confirmed it was in Rickmansworth.

Mockery ensued on social media over the state of the vehicle, with one user writing: “Shed? Overstating the quality of it!”

Watford Observer: BCH Road Policing Unit branded the vehicle an absolute shed.BCH Road Policing Unit branded the vehicle an absolute shed. (Image: BCH Road Policing Unit)

Another wrote “to be fair I’m surprised it managed to start let alone fail to stop”, while someone else added: “My shed is offended to be compared to such a monstrosity.

“I ask you to apologise to sheds everywhere for stereotyping them all into a category of being of poor quality and poor heritage.”

The phrase ‘shed’ is slang for a decrepit car, similar to terms such as ‘banger’ or ‘rust bucket’.