Watford’s Woodmere Avenue width restriction was fixed last year, but the notorious spot is trending again after the World Bollard Association shared a compilation of its victims.

For years the site became a vehicle graveyard, with doorbell footage regularly catching cars falling prey to its six narrow posts.

From police fails to ‘crying’ and ‘flying’ cars, Woodmere Avenue divided opinion locally with many blaming drivers while others bemoaned the “dangerous restriction”.

It was finally resolved, at least mostly, when Hertfordshire County Council installed new posts slightly further away from the kerb.

However, the World Bollard Association shared a video compilation on X yesterday evening (November 19), tagged “back by popular demand…turn your volume up and enjoy the greatest bollard performance in history”.

The viral post has been watched over 500,000 times with numerous people giving their views on who was to blame.

Though the measures appear to have helped the problem, the long-term solution could potentially involve cameras with number plate recognition.