A taxi driver watched in amazement as he spotted a group of "orange lights" in the night sky above Abbots Langley.

Kev Brown spotted the unusual sight at around 9.05pm on Saturday.

He said: "I stopped my vehicle and watched them for about 30 seconds as they travelled west across the sky in the formation of the constellation plough.

"Then they formed two parallel lines and still while travelling west suddenly broke away in different directions and sored around the sky while gaining altitude until they were out of sight.

"A police car that was passing me on a blue light emergency call stopped and watched for about 15 seconds before moving away. I contacted Herts Police who said they had had no reports of the lights.

"Over the course of the next hour I found out that three other cab drivers and their passengers also saw them."

A spate of recent UFO sightings over Mill End and South Oxhey were found to be Chinese lanterns originating from a pub garden.

Did you see these lights on Saturday night?