A lost passport was the final straw in a series of events that led a man to suicide, an inquest heard yesterday.

The court heard that Timothy Hall, of Belmont Road, Bushey, was set to travel to Australia on a family trip but was thrown into “utter chaos” after misplacing his passport.

The holiday had been organised by a “very supportive” family to help Mr Hall move on from three years of grief stemming from the death of his twin children in 2005.

Coroner Francis Cranfield said the children's death days after they were born prematurely “tore apart” Mr Hall from his wife Louise, who sat silently through the inquest.

Divorce proceedings and stress caused by his work for a bank led the 37-year-old to seek psychiatric treatment for depression.

On New Year's Eve last year Dr Michael Ingram, of The Red House Surgery in Radlett, referred Mr Hall to the Shrodells Mental Health Unit in Watford General Hospital after noting “severe suicidal risks”

Mr Hall was an inpatient in the Shrodells Unit for two months at the start of the year but was discharged on February 14.

The court heard that he continued to see a councillor and take medication for the following months but that he was seeing friends and expressing a desire to get back into work.

He was also said to be “filled with joy about joining his parents in Australia”.

Mr Hall was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning days after discovering he needed to postpone this trip due to the lost passport.

Dr Cranfield offered her “sincere condolences” to the family and gave a verdict of suicide.