Just a few days ago, Tim Soul emerged through the 'mists of time' to appear at a charity gig for the Pepper Foundation at the Cock at Sarratt. In 1980 his band beat The Walkie Talkies, Mr E and The Imaginations, The Late Road Lunatics and Toad the Wet Sprocket to win the finals of the Herts & Beds Rock Contest at St Albans City Hall in 1980. It was highlighted on the TV and a thousand fans attended. Bands from Edinburgh and Birmingham played for just fifteen minutes in the heats at a packed Verulam Arms and still lost! Mondays were never the same and 87 bands appeared in all.

Tim explained what happened to the winners. 'EMI got us to record at Abbey Road and it was a choice between us and Duran Duran who they would sign, They chose the Young Romantics rather than us New Wave.'

The band included guitarist Tony Fewkes who emigrated to Montreal, keyboard player Alan Rolfe who traded Garston for Herne Bay and St Albans drummer Gary Hawkins. The band released a single 'It's a Holiday' which sold out but unfortunately only a 1000 were pressed. Internet demand for the record can be found as far away as Japan. Tim added, 'The band split up in 84 and I was in another band 'Colours' in the 90's. I am now singing a mixture of jazz, blues and rock.' I asked him why he looked so young for a chap in his mid fifties, 'I've been a vegetarian for 34 years, I imagine that has helped.'

Feetnote: If you have any memories of the Rock Contest please let us know. Tim will be singing at The Cock at Sarratt on Sunday 8th February 3 - 6.