A Harry Potter fanatic has gone to extra lengths to try and get a job on the set of his favourite book.

American student Brent Klovstad has been standing outside Leavesden Studios in South Way, for the past three days hoping to be spotted by the Harry Potter film crew.

Each day Brent, who is in Watford on holiday, has been amusing passers-by, holding up various posters with different messages. So far they have read ‘you are magical’, ‘have a Harry day’ and ‘happiness is contagious’.

The 21-year-old, who starts out at 7am, said: “I’ve always loved Harry Potter books and admire how they got many children reading.

“I tried to get a volunteer position in the studios but they are fully staffed. The signs seem to brighten up people’s days. School children who pass stop for a chat or drivers wave or honk their horns. They seem to make people smile.

“I want to be involved in films in someway and while I’m trying to do that I might as well make people happy and if a sign can do that then great!”

Initially the film-buff dressed for the occasion in a suit but as has now succumb to something a little more comfy - a pair of jeans and jumper.

The devoted fan, who does not leave his spot on the pavement until 5pm, says he has no plans of giving up his job pursuit just yet.