TWENTY four cyclists have completed an epic 300-mile journey from London to Paris to raise money for charity.

Led by Harrow Borough Commander Richard Walton, who lives in Chorleywood, the cyclists endured torrential rain, biting winds, and scorching sunshine to complete the journey over four days.

The idea for the charity ride was hatched last year to raise more than £30,000 for the Educational Frontier Trust, a charity which Mr Walton founded in 2001 to help deprived communities in northern Kenya.

The twenty-four riders, including many regular parishioners from Christchurch in Chorleywood, set off from Westminster Bridge on Saturday as Big Ben chimed 8am.

Mr Walton said: “This just seemed to be where we were as a group, getting into cycling, and the right thing to attempt.

“The London to Paris ride is not an easy one, and it grips people's imagination, it’s a big deal.”

Things did not always go to plan along the way, including a detour round Gravesend on day one when one of the teams got lost, and there were several breakdowns and punctures.

Mr Walton said: “There were also a lot of technical problems especially on day one, but now we have a sense of achievement.

“Everyone made it in one piece and we have raised a lot of money for the charity.”

Since TEFT was set up, around £500,000 has been raised to build a school in northern Africa, giving children in the area a chance to get an education and help their communities to thrive.

The riders celebrated finishing under the Eiffel Tower with champagne, having cycled through the centre of Paris cheered on by well-wishers.