An animal rights group has urged people to boycott a circus visiting Watford next week because it includes wild animals.

A circus that imported elephants from Germany is at the centre of controversy as it sets to appear in Watford next week.

The Great British Circus will roll into town next week, but has received criticism as it is the only circus to use lions and tigers.

  Craig Redmond, campaigns director for the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) said: “Three years ago the government signalled it would ban the use of some animals in circuses but has failed to act yet.

“The Great British Circus shows just why we need to end this practice. As if it is not bad enough to subject lions, tigers, zebras, reindeer and other animals to the confinement and restrictions of a travelling circus, we now see elephants being imported from Germany just to perform in the circus tent.

  “Numerous animal experts have condemned the use of animals in circuses and the world's leading elephant experts oppose the inclusion of elephants in the shows too. We strongly urge the public to avoid this circus and wait for one of the many excellent all-human shows to visit town.”