Hi, I’m back – did you miss me? ‘course you did. No I didn’t have swine flu, but if you read or watch the national media that’s just about all they talk about. It was predicted that west Herts would have about 40,000 cases, 400 of which will need hospitalisation and 100 of those will need intensive care. This hasn’t happened so far - although we are prepared if it does. We have had about 29 cases and when I last checked, only 2 people needed to come into hospital. Of course this is the summer (if a little wet so far!) and things may change in the autumn, but for now the levels are low and the symptoms generally mild.

I know that for some of you, getting to our hospitals is often difficult. Did you know we run a free bus service for patients, visitors and staff between all three of our hospital sites? No - you can’t use it to do your shopping, but you can use it to get to your hospital appointment and visit those in hospital. The service starts at 06.30 am and finishes at 21.00. Fantastic I hear you say and about time - but that is not all. From Monday 3rd August, we also provide a courtesy bus service on the Watford site from 08.30 until 17.30 that you can hail from any part of the site and it will take you to the main hospital, A&E and Maternity and afterwards will return you to you car – what a service!

If you’re going away or staying at home this summer have a great time and stay healthy. I’d be keen to hear what you would like to read about in these blogs, so let me know.