Camelot, the Watford-based operators of the National Lottery, have “congratulated” illusionist Derren Brown after he appeared to correctly predict the winning numbers in last night's draw.

However, because he did not buy a ticket beforehand, he missed out on the £2.4million jackpot, so Saturday's prize fund is now an estimated £7million rollover.

About three million people tuned in to watch Derren Brown: The Event Live on Channel 4 last night.

During the ten minute programme, viewers saw the illusionist watch the live BBC feed of the lottery draw, with six balls placed on a stand beside him.

Then after the sixth lottery ball had been chosen, he rotated the stand to reveal that the numbers written on the balls matched the winning numbers.

Speculation is now rife about how he managed to pull off the trick, with debate focusing on split screens, “magic ink”, camera trickery and whether Brown filmed multiple versions of the show with every possible draw.

Camelot, based in Tolpits Lane, however, said it would be impossible for him to affect the outcome of the draw.

A representative said: “Congratulations to Derren Brown on the illusion he created. It’s impossible to affect the outcome of the draw and Derren Brown did not suggest he was able to do this.

“None of our players managed to pick the 6 lucky numbers in last night’s draw so Saturday’s Rollover Jackpot is an estimated £7m. Good luck to all our players who will be under no illusion that buying a ticket and giving it a go in Saturday’s Lotto draw could bank them a massive prize.”

Brown said he would reveal how the illusion works, during his show on Channel 4 on Friday evening.

Did you watch Derren Brown: The Event Live? How do you think he 'predicted' the correct lottery numbers?