A “five star hotel” with solarium and gym facilities in Bushey is taking bookings now.

However plans for the Bushey Hilton are far from reality, this hotel is in fact for horses.

Mandy Day and her father Tom Glaser recently bought a 50 per cent share of stables at Caldecote Farm.

The other half belonging to show jumper Edward Brook, whose horse Vahorn has qualified for the Horse of the Year Show.

She said: “It was pretty run down here, but we're upgrading it as fast as our finances allow.”

Ms Day and her father jumped at the chance to own a share in the yard.

The stables are close to the Munden House Estate, Elstree aerodrome and the banks of the River Colne and Otterspool Water Meadows.

Caldecote Farm livery stables has 45 brick stables on two separate yards. The land is spread over 50 acres

Mr Glaser, investor, said: “The solarium loosens them up after a run. They can have half an hour under the lamps and there's hot water to rub them down too.”

Caldecote Farm recently featured on Animal Planet's television programme “Stable Life” and is set to feature in a subsequent series.

Ms Day said: “People have remained loyal to these stables over the years. It's a concrete jungle out there – this is our corner of the countryside.”