Record levels of rubbish are now being recycled in Hertfordshire, the county council has revealed.

Between April and June this year, almost 70 per cent of household waste was sent for re-use, recycling or composting.

In total, more than 16,000 tonnes has been diverted from landfill in the three month period, including more than 4,000 tonnes of garden waste, 4,000 tonnes of wood, 1,700 tonnes of paper and card and 2,000 tonnes of electrical appliances.

Derrick Ashley, executive member for waste, said: "New schemes have been introduced in the last year at the centres to allow for more wood waste, food and drinks cartons, soil and rubble, and even cooking oil to be recycled.

"However, the improvement has only been possible thanks to the efforts of residents separating their waste so they can use the many different containers and bins at the centres."