Late-night-lovers rejoice. You can still party all night and look fresh-faced when the alarm buzzes... with some much-needed beauty help. If you’re wondering how party-mad celebs manage to burn the midnight oil and still look like a glowing goddess the next day, their make-up artists usually have a lot to answer for.

“Party season means you’re going to work hard and play hard, so your skin’s going to suffer hard,” says Dr Nirdosh, dermatologist and anti-ageing specialist to the stars. “You need to ensure you have a good skin rescue plan to get you through the festive season.”

If your usually healthy routine has gone into festive freefall, don’t panic. We’ve got a party SOS plan to help you survive those evil early mornings. Hangover? What hangover?

SOUND SKIN Your skin is often the first thing to suffer during the party season, besides your stomach and liver that is.

Use a moisture replenishing cream to pep your skin back to life and disguise the fact you’ve just crawled into work straight after propping up the bar. Don’t leave your peepers out of the SOS skin survival mission. Keep give-away dark circles at bay with cooling masks.

MAKE-UP MAGIC Don’t let your eyes give the game away when you’ve spent more time on the dancefloor than at the land of nod. A pair of dark oversized shades might wash in celeb-land, but won’t go down quite so well with the office dress code. Try these make-up tricks for hiding that hangover: l Conceal any redness or under-eye circles with concealer which helps to even out your complexion and leave you looking refreshed. Pay particular attention to the inner corners of the eyes.

  • Keep your make-up light and natural - anything too heavy will look cakey and flaky.
  • Using an eyelash curler and a few coats of mascara will really help open up the eye.
  • Finally, pop a little colour back into your cheeks with a rich blush.

HAIR FLAIR Working up a sweat on the dancefloor and sitting in fragrant restaurants for all those Christmas feasts is never going to give you Timotei-ad locks. Fake fabulously fresh hair without stepping into the salon, or even under the shower head, with a rescue remedy hair spray. Products can be used the morning-after-the-night-before, to loosen and remove old products and leave you with a fresh finish between washes. If your hair has been backcombed to gigantic Winehouse proportions or caked in products, give your unruly party locks a lift the next day with a deep penetrating mask.

HANGOVER SOS If you’ve survived the day after a big night on the festive tiles, kick back and dedicate your evening to some serious recovery pampering. You’ll bounce back the next morning looking bright eyed and bushy tailed!