There were enough apples in Chorleywood today to keep the doctor away for an entire year.

Hundreds of apples were crushed, pressed, peeled and cored when members of the village's community orchard project held its first annual Apple Day at the Chorleywood House Estate.

The celebration was held to mark National Apple Day,with events taking place across the country.

Visitors were invited to taste different varieties of apple that are not always available in supermarkets, all donated by members of the public and local businesses. Apple expert Chris Kemp bought to the event a bountiful crop, including 15 types of English apple, grown in his allotment.

Apple crushing, pressing and juice making demonstrations were held, with many visitors partaking in the different apple activities.

Apple bobbing, an apple and spoon race and sticky toffee apples also kept children happy throughout the day.

Enthusiasts hope to see apples picked from the new orchard, which is taking shape within the grounds of the estate, and used at next year's event.

Barbara Goldberg of Dog Kennel Lane, Chorleywood, bought her two granddaughters Victoria, nine, and Leonie, eight, who are visiting the area from Hammersmith, to the apple celebrations.

She said: "I'm all for this orchard they are making - I think it's a brilliant idea. "They made today sound so exciting on the website and I thought the children would love it."

Miranda Sharp, husband Ben, five-year-old daughter Jennifer, and son Alexander, two, from Yarrowside, Little Chalfont, were among the excited visitors feasting on a delicious array of apple refreshments while learning to distinguish between a cox apple and a Granny Smith.

Miranda said: "We are into farmers' markets and other local events. It's a community thing, it's outdoors and it's a chance to try fresh seasonal food."

Ben added: "I would like to see the event develop and get bigger.

"I run through the park every month, at least when the apple trees are growing I will know what the story is behind them."

The event was held between 11am and 3pm today.

Community orchard chairman Alison Rubens said: "Today is about is about enlightening people about how different apples can taste and reminding them about the importance of local food.

"It brings everybody out and it gives them another event to come to. It's suitable for all ages, older people can still learn and enjoy the whole experience."